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wedding band tattoos? [09 Aug 2010|12:39pm]

My fiance and I are considering getting (simple) wedding ring tattoos (yes, we're fully aware of the drawbacks and pain), in addition to some other (less painfully placed) tattoo work.

Both the wedding rings and other work are going to be pretty simple (that is, smallish, no complicated shading, minimal color).

Anyone have a recommendation for a tattoo artist in the Twin Cities? (We're in Uptown, but willing to go anywhere in or around the metro area.)
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Wedding Dress Preservation [08 Apr 2010|10:16pm]

Where can I take my wedding dress to get cleaned and preserved?

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wedding items for sale [14 Jul 2009|02:49pm]

I have several things for sale. The price listed is what we paid- feel free to make an offer!

dishes (76 settings plus more of most things)
hair vine
paper lanterns
stuff for program fans
free origami balls for lights


I live in South Minneapolis, you'd need to pick them up here.
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post-wedding post [12 Jul 2009|11:10pm]

PhotosCollapse )

Some disjointed thoughts:
It was an amazing day - that picture where I have my head back, laughing? There are a lot like that. :) Walking into the ceremony, and feeling the love radiating from everyone there - that has to be one of the most incredible feelings I've ever had. Knowing that they were there to love Reid and me, and to celebrate with us - wow!

We wrote the ceremony from scratch with Reid's sister, who officiated, and there were a lot of comments about how it really reflected us, and people who knew all of us could see things in the ceremony that we each had contributed. Each of our parents did a reading, as well as one friend. Our moms shared a reading, I Like You, and got a lot of laughs. There were goats right next to the ceremony, who were well behaved and bleated once towards the end.

It was a very DIY venue (the provided the building and grounds, we did everything else)- we got in to set up that morning, and had several helpers (although fewer than I expected). One of my coworkers was our day-of coordinator, and I can't say enough good about her. I think in a venue where they do more of the set-up one wouldn't be necessary, but she was indispensable.

I had hoped that the rushed feeling other people talk about at their weddings wouldn't apply to me, but it did. During the ceremony we had a spot where Anna asked us to stop and look around, and I'm really glad we did. The ceremony is probably when I felt calmest - there was only one thing to do. The rest of the day I spent wishing I could be in at least a dozen places at once. I had hoped to get to spend some real time with everyone at the wedding (there were only 70 of them!) but somehow that didn't happen. I did see everyone, but didn't chat much with quite a few people.

We had other options to spend time with people, and that made me feel better about being rushed at the reception - Thursday night we had a BBQ so our families that were in town could meet each other. Friday after the rehearsal dinner we went out for drinks across from the hotel and saw a lot of people. Sunday we had an open house at our place (which was almost as busy as the reception, somehow, because we'd invited local friends we didn't have room for at the wedding!). 4 solid days of entertaining was overwhelming, but I think it was nice to have more time with people.

One of the things that we'd really been hoping for was a sense of community, and I think we achieved it. Looking at the photos, I'm having as much fun looking in the background, to see who's chatting - my local friend and Reid's uncle from CO? My aunt and my college roommate? Cool. :) There have been a few people who've asked me for email addresses for other people they met at the wedding, and I think that's pretty great, too.

xposted to weddingplans 
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Vendor reviews [12 Jul 2009|09:37pm]

I was happy with all of the vendors we used and I would recommend them.

photographer: Notation Photo. He worked a little more slowly than I expected with the group shots, but I'm happy with what we got.

ceremony/reception: Gibbs Farm, St. Paul. Garrett was really easy to work with - they are working on making their contracts and such more formal, but with us they were super lax. It was a beautiful space - we had our ceremony outside on the grounds, and the reception was in the red barn. There was a plumbing problem that started part way through the reception, but they made another bathroom available and had a plumber out working at 10:30pm to try to fix it!

http://www.rchs.com/Gibbs%20Museum%20Events%20site%20rental. htm

hotels for out of towners: Radisson at the U of M. My parents thought it was very nice, and they gave us a great rate. They also had a shuttle that we reserved to go to and from the venue, but I don't think people made use of it.

grooms dinner: Chatterbox in St. Paul. Excellent food, excellent service. I don't think we hit the $500 minimum charge.

getting licensed: R's sister got ordained online and mailed her credentials to Ramsey County (I think Hennepin doesn't let you do it by mail). It was super easy, and the paperwork she had to deal with to make the ceremony legal was also very easy/self explanatory.

cake: cheesecakes from Muddy Paws. Yum!

food: Buca. We dealt with Kelly from St. Paul Buca. She's a little disorganized, but gave us a great price on loads of food, and really worked hard to make us happy. People really liked the food.

pre-nups: I used Nancy Bender-Kellner of Bender-Kelner Wills, Trusts & Estates, he used Nelson Berg of Berg Law Offices. We were happy with both lawyers - Nelson was a fair bit cheaper.
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Interested in sharing dishes? [14 Feb 2009|12:58pm]

We're going to buy mismatched dishes for our wedding, and I wondered if there were people interested in buying them from me after or sharing costs in some way.

The wedding is June 20th in the twin cities. I haven't priced everything yet, but I think I can get dishes for $.25 - $.50 each. Looks like glasses might be a little more than that.

I'm planning to buy the following for about 80 people:
dinner plates
dessert plates
water and/or alcohol glasses
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May 2, 2009 Wedding Extravaganza [07 Nov 2008|12:19pm]

[ mood | ditzy ]

Hello to all of you!!!! So, I am here blogging to this site because I wanted to share some of my ideas with you all to help in any way that I can cause I know how stressful planning a wedding can be. I am currently planning my wedding and working two jobs! 

Well, first off, our wedding is going to be on May 2, 2009. I am getting really excited. However, our small wedding grew to be a huge one. Our guest list went from about 150 up to about 350. So, it has now gotten very stressful. I have 5 bridesmaids and my maid of honor and he has 5 grromsmen and his best man. Not to mention 2 usherettes (yes, the ushers are female), 2 personal attendants and a flower girl.

When we started planning the wedding, I wanted things to be traditional yet unique. I wanted people to go, "remember at Mark and Niki's wedding when they did this?" So, for my bachelorette party - we are going to be doing a tattoo party......everyone in the wedding party is going to be getting tats. I thought it was unique and different, and in a way, gives the girls something to remember. Of course they are just getting tats that they want, I am not making them get something they don't want.

As far as the wedding itself, things are kind of on a tight budget, so we are cutting corners any possible way that we can. We are doing real flowers for the bouquets and butonierres but fake for decoration. Also, for our cake, my aunt is making the cake and then we are doing cupcakes for everyone to eat. Food wise, my suggestion is to find a venue where you can bring in your own food. Now a days with the economy and such, places are charging up to 18 bucks a plate for food. That is ridiculous. Enlisting the help of family and friends comes in handy too because they can help out as a "wedding gift" to the couple.

Okay, and I have to gripe about one thing that has been bugging me. I have looked for aisle runners. Every single one is that cheap fabric that will rip or stick to shoes as it's being walked on. And if you want something nice, you have to pay a  ton of money for it. So, what we decided to do is buy our own fabric and make our own. That way, we get what we want and it's not that flimsy fabric.

As far as invitations and stuff go, make your own!!!!!!!! Printing places will charge up the you know what for invitaitons and stuff. I went to Walmart, bought my own invitations and dolled them up a little, spent roughly 150 bucks for all of them to be finished instead of up to 400, 500 bucks. And honestly, you can't tell the difference.

Feel free to leave me a message or comment!!!! 

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Flowers and Photography [16 Oct 2008|08:18am]

[ mood | happy ]

I'm wondering if anyone could recommend a photographer in the area, and/or a place to get flowers? We are getting married on July 5, 2009, and since it's a holiday weekend, I'd like to get a head start.

We are on an extremely tight budget (as I'm sure many of you are also). For flowers, we really don't need a lot...just for the bridesmaids, maybe a few arrangements for the sanctuary, and if they could do the flowers for the groom/groomsmen.

As for photography, do prices usually include pictures? Or will that be extra cost? (I really know nothing about planning weddings!) Any recommendations would be extremely helpful!

Thanks in advance!

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Reception site. [15 Oct 2008|01:19pm]

Hi. I'm new to this community, but I recognize some names from the weddingplans community, too.

Basically I'm going crazy trying to find a venue for our 2010 wedding reception. I'm very seriously considering opening my own wedding venue some day because I'm finding a giant problem with Minnesota. Aaaaanyway, if anybody knows of a location that will accommodate 250+ guests, and ALLOWS OUTSIDE CATERERS, please please pleeeease let me know.

My dad's restaurant will be catering the event and our guest list is pretty huge, so it's been super hard trying to find a place. I'd really hate to cut down our guest list, but it could happen, and I definitely cannot tell my dad he can't cater it. It would break his heart and mine.

Thanks for your help!!!
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Hello! [29 Aug 2008|08:22pm]
[ mood | silly ]

Hey just thought I should introduce myself! 

My name is Dani & I am a bride to be on 3/24/09. Its going to be a desition wedding in Vegas because I moved out to NY to live with my fiance leaving my home in MN behinde *tear*


So I know techincally I'm not a MN Bride but I am a proud Minnesotan & a bride so I think it should count. (Man how I miss the fair food!)

But if anyone has any question about general planning I am currently working to become a wedding planner & trying to get my foot in the door. Also like I said I grew up my whole life in MN so I know pretty much everything from The Spam Museum to the Boundery Waters & everything in between!

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intro & questions [24 Jul 2008|12:13am]

hello all:)

i don't know how active this community is, but thought i'd post here anyways. i'm brittany, age 22, engaged to josh since february 15th. we've been together four years this september - we met at the state fair and i can't wait to celebrate, it's coming up soon, yay! we're getting married october 3rd, 2009.

anyways, i was wondering if anyone here has had or been to a wedding at the gibbs farm museum in st. paul? it's only $700 to book!!!!!! i thought it would be perfect for our fall-themed outdoor wedding. you can get married outside, and the red barn accommodates 80 and 150-200 if you add a canopy. we're looking at about 100 guests so it would be perfect! only downside - parking is only for 60 cars so we'd need some sort of shuttle...

secondly, we're looking at a non-traditional dj named "DJ 80's." he's a nightclub dj, so he plays music straight with no breaks, and he does mostly 80's dance with some 70's or current dance stuff thrown in. he's AMAZING...we've seen him a few times at Grand Old Day and we loved him! his prices are incredibly reasonable. if you've heard of him or seen him before at a wedding, let me know, i'd love feedback! i've only seen him in non-wedding places :)
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[21 Jun 2008|03:56pm]

Another photographer and I are looking to get out of the city and spend some time lake-front and we'd love to barter to make it happen. We'd like to offer our wedding photography services in exchange for a 4 night stay at a lake-front cabin in July.

details inside...Collapse )
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make up [09 Jun 2008|08:15am]

hello everyone!

Well the planning continues and I am starting to think about some details... specifically about getting ready the day of...

I have a hair stylist that I like and it looks like will work out, I am hoping she will come out and do my hair the day of... we are getting married in stillwater and her salon in in minnetonka... a bit much of a drive...

The problem i am running into is someone to do my make up.... do people come on site to do that ever? does anyone have any recommendations? I would normally be okay doing my own but i was thinking that for pictures it might be nice to have a professional do it...

Thanks for any suggestions or recommendations...
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Video Work - cheap! [24 Apr 2008|10:23am]

Well, I figured I'd post here before resorting to the black hole that is Craigslist.

I'm looking for people who would be interested in some videography/editing. I have experience videoing weddings & receptions, sports, and other misc. events. I have edited TV shows on local stations, HGTV, commercials and weddings/events -- but always under the employ of other people. I'd like to get some work on my own and build a reel.

This would be professional-quality stuff, not your parents' SVHS home camcorder, and you would receive a DVD copy -- the whole shebang.

I've got my G5. I've got my (legit! That's expensive shit!) pro editing software. I've got access to 3 chip cameras, wireless mics, etc. And I've got experience. I just need a project!

I'm willing to work for cheap, totally negotiable. Shoot me an email at hal@halspages.com with your phone number if you're interested.

Edit: Most pros' basic wedding packages start at about $700. For relatively the same thing, I'd ask for roughly half that in addition to permission to use your footage for my website/reel.
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hello [23 Apr 2008|08:58am]


I am newly engaged and already involved in the process of planning. We are planning to get married in January of 2009. I am currently waiting to get an estimate back from our venue... eeeekkk!

I wanted to post a question here on the off chance someone might have some experience or advice. While we do have a band picked out to play at our dance/reception. I am going to need to find some kind of music for the ceremony and possible a little during dinner. Possible jazz type music for before dinner.... Any reccomendations?

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A post wedding post [17 Feb 2008|01:56pm]

I was married back on December 15th 2007 in St. Paul, MN. The day was pretty chilly but the sun was out all day so I couldn't really ask for much more. I already posted this on weddingplans and reallifewedding, so my appologies for those who have seen this multiple times!

Cut for a ton of pictures (they are big and not dial-up friendly!)Collapse )

cross posted to: reallifewedding and weddingplans
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[01 Feb 2008|01:59pm]

Hey! I'm new here and have a question =]

I'd like to have an outdoor wedding and I'm trying to find a cool place to have it. I'm specifically looking for a park in the metro-area where there is at least one really big tree. I'd really like to have the tree be the backdrop for the ceremony.

Any ideas ladies?

Where are you having yours?

x-posted =]
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Engagement Pictures [30 Jan 2008|09:52pm]

Hello again.

My fiance an I scheduled our engagement session. Our photographer doesn't have a studio and takes his pictures on location. We are planning on March 1st. Do you know of any great places, indoor ideally but outdoor too that would work for engagement pictures in the Twin Cities area, MN? We are from Plymouth, MN but willing to drive a little bit. Let me know. Thanks ahead of time.

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[11 Dec 2007|01:10pm]

Do you know any stylists who will come to where you are getting ready to do your hair and makeup? I can't find anyone. Thanks!
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Photographer Recommendation [10 Dec 2007|06:59am]

Hello everyone,
I don't often post here because I am in weddingplans but I know that several people here had been looking for a photographer for their MN wedding.  I don't have all my photos back yet (they're in the mail!), but I did get to preview our photos online, and I am beyond thrilled. I can't upload them here, but I am posting a link to some of our favorites.

We used Gina at A Truth Be Shown Photography, and I know that she is someone that a few of you have been considering. Now that I've seen the photos and had the experience of working with her, I can't recommend her enough.

I had a huge letdown when a photographer friend of mine, who normally charges about $8000 for 6 hours agreed to do my wedding for $500, then he got called to do an overseas wedding for about 4 times that much, and it included an all expenses paid vacation to Europe. How could I tell him NOT to take it, you know?  We couldn't afford any of his other recommendations, so I went out on my own to search.

As a makeup artist, many of the images that I have in my wedding makeup portfolio were done by MANY photographers in the Twin Cities.  A few of them were out of business.  A handful were booked that day, and the rest, just weren't the style I wanted.  I must have looked through about 70 photographers and then I found Gina.

I will likely never recommend anyone else.  Not only was it important to me to have the amazing photos I wanted, but it was important that the person be experienced in handling the chaos that can come with a wedding.  You know how it is, when you get THAT many people together, then they suddenly all sort of become stupid and have no idea what to do?  I'd seen it so many times where, because of the family and friends being all excited and not knowing what is what, the bride is being photographed as guests arrived.  It was very important to me that I wasn't seen by my guests.

Gina and her assistant, Lisa, were the ultimate to deal with. Organized, professional beyond words, and they dealt with my annoying MIL with grace and such ease, that quite seriously, all of that stress was taken away from me.  I also wanted all of the intimate details of our ceremony captured, but without the photography intruding on the ceremony, or with it disturbing our guests views of everything.  Both my husband and I love the way the ceremony shots turned out, and we both don't even recall her being there to take them!  Better yet, I did get several comments on how nice it was that some people weren't staring at the photographer the whole time.  We had been to a wedding in August and the photographer was so "in the way" that you couldn't focus on what was being said at the wedding.

Anyhow, I'd be happy to chat further with anyone who wants more details, but I cannot recommend her highly enough.  We paid about $1600 (including tax and everything) for 8 hours of coverage, with Gina and her assistant, who also was shooting, unlimited locations, the rights to all images, and everything burned on CDs for us, and a DVD of the images set to our own wedding music.  We now live out of state and she was AWESOME to communicate with.  She and I only met in person once before the wedding, and we exchanged emails about what we wanted and she would show me things that she'd done to ensure we were on the same page.  She was GREAT.

Behind the cut are links to a bunch of images that we love.  We still can't believe that she was able to capture the true emotion and our personalities so well.  Truly phenomenal. Really!

So that's a preview. I'll post a full recap later this week in weddingplans, but until then, I wanted to post a solid review of her.  She really was amazing, and I know I am on the more difficult side to please.  I believe she's also running a special right now, that if you book her before the end of the year, she'll photograph your 2008 wedding for her 2007 prices.

We really got a STEAL with her, and I only hope someone else here will fall in love with her work.  I simply cannot rave enough.
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